San Bruno Help Resources

Here is a partial list of claim tips and resources United Policyholders is offering those affected by the San Bruno gas explosion/fire. For more information search the Claim Tips Library.

Roadmap to Recovery Survey

Press Release: San Bruno homeowners struggling with insurance shortfalls and delays at the 1 Year Anniversary of the San Bruno pipeline explosion/fire

Our key findings include:

• 45% of respondents have not yet reached a settlement with their insurance company on the dwelling portion of their claim.

• 50% of respondents reported being underinsured on their dwelling by an average of over $200,000.

• 50% of respondents percent reported they received “lowball” repair/rebuilding estimates from their insurance company

• 39% of respondents reported that their insurance company did not fully explain how to collect full replacement cost benefits for depreciated items

• 35% of respondents reported delays from their insurance company in responding to requests for information.

Read the 12 month survey results data here
Read the results crosstabbed by Insurance Company
Previous Survey Results: 3-4 Months

Information and Resources

Free Insurance Claim Help for San Bruno Residents
Videos of Roadmap to Recovery Meetings
Local Experts Help San Bruno Families Tackle Recovery Challenges
Roadmap to Recovery Tools Request Form

California Department of Insurance 
Special post-disaster insurance rules re: expedited payments, etc.

City of San Bruno
Property Tax Info
Coordinated debris removal/lot clearing
PG&E Claim Process Information
PG&E Claim Form

Tax Info
San Bruno victims get tax breaks on donations
2/25/2011 UPDATE Tax Issues Memo from Robert Castle, CPA
2/11/2011 UPDATE Tax Issues Memo from Robert Castle, CPA
1/21/2011 Tax Issues Memo from Robert Castle, CPA

November 14, 2011 Major Improvements Coming to Crestmoor Neighborhood
October 11, 2011 San Bruno fire victims struggle with insurance companies
September 9, 2011 One year after blast, San Bruno still isn’t whole
August, 25, 2011 Nonprofit to Hold Workshop to Address Fire Survivors’ Legal, Insurance Questions
June 30, 2011 Catastrophe reveals insurance woes for homeowners
June 20, 2011 At Workshop, Residents Learn How to Go Green When Rebuilding Homes
January 9, 2011 Community Fair Equips Residents With Tools, Answers Needed to Rebuild
October 17, 2010 San Bruno fire victims navigate insurance process
September 13, 2010 Insurance Advice for San Bruno explosion victims
September 11, 2010 Even with insurance, being made whole takes work


Other Resources

American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter

California Department of Insurance
An important resource for getting help and information
UP Exec. Dir. AmyBach chairs the CDI Consumer Advisory Task Force and UP staff work closely with the Department.

City of San Bruno