Ignore Ads When Buying Insurance

“I would encourage people to completely ignore the marketing materials you receive from the insurers. The information is geared to persuade people to buy the product. It doesn’t explain the benefits clearly,” says former industry insider Wendell Potter in a recent New York Times interview. Potter’s advice is sound and clear and fits well with United Policyholders’ health insurance buying tips.

There is an alphabet soup of health insurance options in today’s marketplace: PCIP, HSAs, HMOs, PPOs, high deductible and “limited benefit” plans…And with premiums on the rise, it’s hard for even the most savvy consumer to figure out what makes the most financial sense.

United Policyholders is making it easier for consumers to follow Potter’s advice and comparison shop by features – not just price. Through our Roadmap to Preparedness program we’re distributing “side-by-side” buying guides. And through our Advocacy & Action program we’re pushing for sample policies to be made available to consumers.