Insurance Check UP

Yes the Internet makes it easy to insure your home or business without actually meeting the person who’s selling you the policy. But given how valuable your assets are to you, don’t you want to be confident in that person’s expertise and ethics?

United Policyholders welcomes a new service called Yapacopia that can give you that confidence in an innovative way: Yapacopia is a public benefit corporation (“B-Corp”) that connects you with an insurance agent. An agent who is independent and experienced and supports non-profit organizations, including UP. By using their service you can get a free review of your current policy and quotes for other options for protecting your assets through a reputable insurance company at the right price.

And because UP has your back when insurance matters, here are the questions we want you to ask the Yapacopia agent. Take good notes on their answers, and follow up in writing (email counts) to recap what you discussed and that your goal is to have enough insurance to cover a total loss. Underinsurance continues to be a BIG problem after serious and total losses and you’ll have no remedy without documentation that you had this conversation with your insurance agent.

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