Spooky Language Hiding in Your Insurance?

Getting a notice from a home insurer that they’re dropping you is scary, and UP works hard to help people in that situation. Read our latest tips on shopping for affordable home insurance when your options are limited.

Just as scary is hearing your insurer say they won’t cover a loss due to an exclusion you didn’t know was in your policy. UP is constantly fighting unfair exclusions and defending your reasonable expectation that your insurance will provide the financial safety net you were promised.

Tell us your scary stories so we can help you. Technological advances are helping insurers add new exclusions and limits that aren’t to your benefit. It’s spooky out there. If you find scary wording in your policy, snap a photo or attach the digital file and send it to policies@uphelp.org.

And once you’ve dug up your current home or renters policy, we strongly suggest that you go over it with your insurance company. Don’t just rely on “Yes, you’re covered.” Use our list to ask “what if” questions. Take notes of the conversations and store those notes in a safe place along with your policy and a basic inventory of your assets. Do your best to fill protection gaps and avoid being underinsured by increasing your dwelling limits and adding flood and/or earthquake coverage if you can afford to. Earthquake insurance in California has gotten more affordable, it’s worth getting a quote.

We are keeping a watchful eye on current wildfires. If you know someone who has been affected, please let them know about UP and www.uphelp.org and share the following resources: