Sylmar’s Sayre Fire Survivors Get Just Rewards from AIG

Outstanding! The settlement reached this week by the California
Department of Insurance and AIG provides additional insurance coverage
to Sylmar wildfire survivors who lost their homes in the Oakridge Mobile
Home Park last November.
News reports say the CDI/AIG settlement amount is reportedly between $37
million and $46 million in extra coverage, meaning the 370 AIG
policyholders who lost their homes and worldly goods in the fire will be
eligible to collect between $100,000 and $125,000 more from AIG in
addition to their other settlements).
Thanks go to California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, LA City
Councilman Richard Alarcon, and the folks at United Policyholders for
fighting the good fight on behalf of our friends and neighbors from
Oakridge Mobile Home Park.
It is good to hear that rebuilding of the Oakridge Mobile Home Park can
begin soon in earnest. If you have any questions about Sylmar real
estate, be sure to call me. […]