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Praise for Ask an Expert:

"My husband and I have been involved in an insurance claim that was recently "resolved" following 10 months of having no master bedroom or bathroom. Having hired an unscrupulous public adjuster who continuously provided erroneous or contradictory advice, I needed reliable professional guidance. Dick Tutwiler of Tutwiler & Associates promptly responded to my request for guidance submitted through your "Ask the Expert" service. He then returned my phone call and spent a good amount of time answering questions, presenting options, and confirming my suspicion that a public adjuster should not ethically hold an insurance payment hostage pending personal remuneration. I am relieved to receive guidance and support from someone who is professional and obviously knowledgeable. I wish I had known about your organization at the beginning instead of the end of the claims process! Thanks, and keep up the good work!"  Stephanie V., Talahassee, FL