insurer error in contents coverage limit
Contents adjuster did a quick claim and payment, saying I was grossly underinsured and it was clearly a maxed-out claim. I was not asked to itemize. I later found she had erred in my coverage limit by $30K+. She verified that her data was wrong, my declarations page was correct, and said via email that she would adjust the claim and send me a check for the remainder. When I followed up about payment a few weeks later, she said that she couldn't adjust the claim and I would have to itemize to get the $30K+ ... even though it is 4 months after my loss! She then increased the payment to the debris removal company (up to an additional 5% when a claim is maxed out) as if I had been paid my full $100K in coverage (which would seem to indicate the validity of a $100K claim). Can I be forced to itemize to get a payout for the remaining coverage? How should I proceed? THANKS!
Insurance estimate is quite low
Insurance is constantly paying less and no contractor is willing to do the job. I need some names of General Contractor who can write up an estimate, negotiate with the insurance and will not be adulterated by insurance undercut the scope of the Job to meet their profit.
non renewal following a claim
Dwelling destroyed. Still settling. Policy term ending. Do not wish to remain with the company for insurance on a replacement dwelling.
claim on commercial building which was destroyed by fire.
Can anyone tell me about the relationship between ACV and Replacement and coinsurance and my claim? i am dealing with a commercial building which is a total loss and the dec page states a limit of liabiltiy with acv and coinsurance of 80%.

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