Confirming quality work is done.
I had a fire and called one of the two services recommended by my insurance because I am new to Indianapolis and did not know any quality contractors and because it was late at night and raining when I first found out my house had been on fire. The contractor, ServPro a franchise operation, has been very difficult to deal with and they have done sloppy work. The mortgage company sent an "inspector" but all he did was check to see that they were working to get me back into my home, nothing about quality or correctness. ServPro told me the job was done, but many things do not work, like my stove, or are not done properly. Both Insurance (State Farm) and Mortgage company say they are not part of this. Who is supposed to check to make sure electrical etc. is done correctly. I paid for a house inspection before purchase, but who protects me after a fire? I do not feel safe in my home. Bonnie
had a renters insurance policy that paid out in 2015 with fire marshal report showing cause as undetermined now i cant find insurance company who will do landlord insurance for me who can i contact?
Roof leaking
Hail damage in 2012 not covered because adjuster said cost to repair was my deductible. Had repair done myself and roof leaking now due to high winds and rain. I fear insurance company will say the samething again. Please help
offset reimbursement
Can a disability insurance company i.e. Prudential require reimbursement from 2008 for the company's miscalculations for offset of social security benefits.
Can I have a repair estimate reviewed and a new estimate prepared based on the estimate sent by my insurance adjusters estimate. They have issued a check in the amount of this estimate, less the deductible. What should I do with the Check?
I had an accidental fire created by brushing past the two right side, ftont and back, electric burners, on my LG LRE4213ST Electric Range
State Farm changing its mind about paying us for our hydroelectric system that burned in the Valley Fire in California.
State Farm told us our hydroelectric system was covered under Dwelling A. They supported this by sending us numerous letters requesting our bid from a contractor for labor and parts. It took time for us to get a bid because of the uniqueness of having a hydroelectric system. Since we had verbal statements we would be covered and letters supporting this, we were surprised to be told they were now not going to cover our system. They basically said we could do nothing about it because a year had passed and they were sorry they had made a mistake in telling us it was covered. Do I have any recourse in this situation? They have all the information they asked for and we have signed a contract for the building of hydroelectric system.
Pol to sign or not to sign
As you probably know we have till Dec 12 to sign our pol from Allstate. We don't agree with the numbers and a large amount of cost needs to be added because their pol does not include removal and replacement of sheathing boards between brick and studs. This stuff is crumbling and adjuster said it's fine but it's not. We had 5 ft of nasty water in the house for 3 days. What should we do?
Getting full replacement cost in the event of a total loss.
My insurer's replacement cost report totals $480,906. My licensed contractor estimates the most likely replacement cost would be $737,210 and his high-side estimate is $842,240. My insurance "an extended replacement coverage of an extra 50%... just in case our report came in a little bit off". How much insurance should I get? I'm thinking the number should be $561,493 ($842,240 divided by 150%). I would very much like to talk to you before I talk to my insurer since they'd be happy to have me pay a higher premium. My phone number is 650-678-2489. Thank you. Cathy
In the state of Missouri, are we allowed to recover depreciation for work that wasn't performed from our homeowners insurance claim?
Our contractor says he's done approximately 90 jobs in the last three months, and all the other homeowners have been written checks for the recoverable depreciation for parts of the claim not completed. Our insurance claim rep. is pressuring us to close for our final check, but are not including the recoverable depreciation for the parts of the claim not completed. What are our rights? Are we owed the recoverable depreciation for only the parts of the claim that were completed?
total fire loss
do you have an app for estimating inventory after a total fire loss?
Fire damage lowball settlement
Airheads in Gardnerville Nevada was damaged extensively by a fire set a mile away our insurance company is low-balling we sent in two quotes for replacement of fence replacement of landscaping and they are low-balling by 10 to $15,000 what rights do I have where can I go what do I need to do to say you are not you're not adhering to the policy you are not you are not replacing or repairing to pre-fire condition how can I fight them this is the fire in itself was destructive enough to my mental state but now is I am seriously so overwhelmed and so upset I don't know how to handle this thank you for any input or any advice or any direction
Unlivable home due to mold damage.
My grandmother's home is covered in mold and is now unlivable, would her insurance pay for teardown and grading of the lot to put a new mobile home there? My grandmother and my uncle live there and he has severe lung disease and is on oxygen, so there is no way he can step foot in the home anymore.
Expense coverage for the PR of an estate
I have been the legal guardian for my mother-in-law. She has recently passed away and I am the PR for her estate, approved and documented by the local courts. I also don't live here full time, but I've had to be here regularly for several years in order to maintain the property which is an asset of the estate. Now I am undertaking the remediation and reconstruction after damage from Hurricane Mathew. Am I entitled to all that the owner would be, such as ALE, etc.
Lost some clothing in attic fire, how do I value clothing?. I am stressing here.
How do I value clothes lost in attic fire? And also antique bed that was there. I am really struggling with this contents list. Thanks
Water Damage
Recently our dishwasher died. We knew the washer was old and replaced it. When the plumber delivered the new machine he discovered a lot of water damage behind the washer. The machine had been leaking for several months, but we never saw any evidence of water leaking out. We had no clue the washer had a leak! We called our insurance company All-State. They sent an adjuster today. He said the water damage wasn't covered because the washer had been leaking for several months. We told him we never saw any water damage because the damage was behind the dishwasher. This is insane! What's the purpose of having insurance if the insured is supposed to be a fortune teller? This makes no sense to us. We knew we didn't have flood insurance because we aren't in a flood area! But this caused by a slow faulty leak? Makes no sense to us! Please advise?
Seterus/QBE Property loss department and flood insurance claim.
I suffered a great loss to my home in Baton Rouge, La on August 2016 as a result of flooding. My insurance coverage is sufficient to rebuild and I was paid an advance toward the settlement to assist with repairs,unfortunately I had to send the check (10,000) to Seterus/ QBE property loss department who refuse to release the funds. Is this legal and what can I do to get them to release the proceeds? Mortgage is current,never late and I have forward all documents requested. This is a frustrating process and I am disappointed ,currently I am paying a mortgage as well as renting a apartment and do not have the funds to preserve my home. What should I do?
A store installed a DW in my home that leaked steadily 10 days. Their adjuster wrote an est. that said at least 100 SF of subfloor had to be removed and replaced. But he ignored the costs of removing and replacing the cabinet that was on top of that sub-
floor. The ins. co told me to take that check and that I could submit for a supplemental for the rest of the work. They would not admit that I'd be required to sign a release for that check until I pressed them. I asked for a complete estimate but they refused. I refused to sign a release so got no financial help. Meanwhile my food costs were destroying me financially. (There was nothing in the kitchen...not even a floor.) I have many before photos and photos taken the day demolition was completed, all my receipts from workers. My atty says my photos and receipts are not enough but that I need a contractor to give me an estimate that supports that my expenses were a necessary result of the DW leak. He would have the benefit of the photos of the kitchen before any work began and after the demo was done and of course how the kitchen looks now. Who would do this type estimate for me?
Upgrading vs Replacement only -- Subrogating vs Not
We are worried that the responsible party for the damages might say that since we upgraded we are not due the full costs of repair. In that case do you recommend subrogating with my insurance company, get the check and then do the upgrading and repair as I want to? I guess that I can wait to subrogate until everything is completed and then chose to subrogate, if not satisfied. My insurance company adjuster is reluctant to give a Dollar amount of his estimate to me. The contractor selected with my approval seems very high priced. Can I fire him?
I recently had flood damage to my home and have a NFIP policy. I've received a building cost worksheet from the adjuster that include a payout deduction for itemized recoverable depreciation. Based on this, I am assuming that my policy is for actual cash value versus replacement cost, but I cannot determine which I am paying for with my premiums. I've discussed this with my insurance agent and the adjuster but no one seems to know how to determine this, so they just default to ACV. My questions are: Despite what I keep reading in NFIP and FEMA documents, are RCV policies even available? And, does "recoverable" depreciation mean that I can somehow file for compensation for the deduction?
How long can a mortgage company withhold your insurance check before dispersant monies for repairs
Our mortgage company has had our insurance check for 95,000 for one month now without any disbursement of funds to us thus far. The flood that was for proclaimed a disaster or President Obama happened on August 13, 2016 it is been three months and we still do not have or have not received any monies for repairs even after getting a insurance check with our mortgage company or companies name loan depot p.m. on the check as well as both my wife and myself, we were told to endorse it and overnight to them they would do the same. Instead of mailing it back they deposited the check, now it has been put in a third-party escrow account contingent upon us hiring a contractor with a complete checklist of a plan to rebuild, I am a Louisiana state contractor, We had to send them several documents to provide proof of this which took them another two weeks to process, what is the legal time tch
A big store installed a new dishwasher and left it leaking and it caused significant damage. Their insurance company admitted responsibility but would not offer near enough to cover repairs. I made a homeowner's claim but my homeowner's adjuster colluded
with my homeowner's claim handler and she's giving me a hard time...making false assumptions and refusing to look at the photos and the facts. The adjuster my homeowners sent out seemed to agree with me as to what my damages were. He took lots of photos and took copies of all my many photos. But the insurance company for the store talked to my homeowner's claims handler and they totally changed what I believe the adjuster wrote up who came to my home. My homeowner's claims handler refuses to send me the man's report and will only send me the first 6 pages of the 30 page estimate. What can I do to get the records and what can I do, short of suing them, to get them to pay to repair these damages to my home? Is it illegal or just unethical that they colluded against me. I have lots of proof of my losses but they refuse to look at the facts and just keep assuming things are not not true.
custom cabinet destroyed by water remediation people
A store replaced my dishwasher in my peninsula cabinet that basically sits in the middle of my 12x22 kitchen. The DW was left with a continuous drip at the connection that soaked into the subfloor over 10 days before it was discovered. The store's adjuster said half the subfloor in the room was ruined and had to be replaced. The store agreed to pay a water remediation company directly (a company they like to use). The water remediation people cut my cabinet up and broke my laminate countertop during the removal and the cabinetmaker and carpenter say they are not reusable. Now the store's insurance says they don't think they should pay for the cabinet loss. An adjuster friend of mine says it is collateral damage and they should have to replace it...actually says they should have to replace all the cabinets since that was about half my cabinets and they are hard to match. What is typical?
What does scope entail?
non-renewal vs cancellation
Insurance Claims
What rate do insurance companies use to compute painting repairs? so much per square foot?

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