I got my car stolen and the insurance company wont pay intill I sign and authorazation form giving them the right to invade and all there affilate to have access to all of my personal life
I gave them a sign under pentalty of perjury about the incident, I gave them a verbal statement and answer there question about my fiananicial oboligation,"that i felt uncomfrontable with" but ans all question openly and honestly.. The incident took place may 15 2016 and today the havent gave me any money,not for a rental car not to get the car out the tow anything..I am still paying the insurance even thoe I cant drive the car are received payment.
rideshare insurance in Mississippi
I drive for Uber, who will sell me insurance in Mississippi?
Claims adjuster measurements of damage do not match contractors measurements.
I am in the middle of a water damage insurance claim. We hired a contractor who is a restoration company and a general contractor. The adjuster came into the house measured the rooms that were affected. We decided to fix the damage and continue additional elected work. The measurements of the contractor do not match the adjuster's measurements, his are more in each room affected. Can you just explain if this is a red flag, or is this the method to acquire the extra 20% for the repairs?
ACV on lead paint remediation
I submitted a supplemental request because no contractor would do the fire repairs for the amount of the estimate. The insurance company invoked appraisal. The appraisal award lists dwelling RCV 300000 Depreciation 120000 ACV 180000 The appraisal award lists lead paint remediation RCV 16000 Depreciation ------- ACV 16000 My adjuster called a few days before the deadline for the carrier to make the ACV payment. She was angry because the appraisal award for dwelling was double her estimate of damages and the lead paint remediation was 8x her estimate. She said she was not going to allow any RCV payments until the dwelling restoration is 90% complete and was not going to make an ACV payment for the lead paint remediation. Therefore the ACV payment on the appraisal award only be $180,000 less earlier ACV paid. Therefore the ACV payment on the appraisal award only be $180,000 less earlier ACV paid. Questions: Can she refuse to pay the ACV amount on the lead paint remediation award? Can she withhold all RCV payments until the end?
Property Damage
I filed a claim with my insurance it took 2 months to get someone out to look at the damages now the adjuster says that the problem was ongoing so my policy will not cover it. We live in a remote area they requested a contractor look at the damage before we filed the claim no contractor would come out when they found out it was insured with American family Ins. Finally the agent requested an adjuster he came took pictures and decided that it was an on going problem so they will not cover it. What options do i have? they will not return my calls or emails and the problem is getting worse now there is mold growing ive asked for an appeal or does the adjuster have the final decesion?
Pubic adjuster
I submitted a home owners insurance claim for the first time. It has to do with a roof issue and leak under my sink my agent gave me a public adjuster number he came out and advised kitchens were his strengths. He did not review my policy before he came out and mentioned my cabinets would be paid for but interior damages would most likely not be. My question is he wants 20% of what he collects which I heard was pretty standard should I meet with my insurance company first to see what they will offer me and if I'm not happy then call in a pubic adjuster? I dont want to jump the gun.
Dwelling depreciation fire destroyed home
In the state of GA, when you lose your home and all its personal belonging to a fire, when you have the home rebuilt (the home was completely gutted out , burnt wood was replaced, all new HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roof, siding etc.) , when adjuster depreciates certain parts of the dwelling, who receives that? Contractor or homeowner?
Toxic mold insurance, third-party claimant rights
Hi- I rented a basement apartment infested with toxic mold. It made me and my son sick and infested all of my personal property which I had to dispose of. Eight months later, my son and I finally feel better. The landlord had a mold rider on his insurance for the property (State Farm), and I have submitted a claim for my lost property, including testing showing toxic mold in the air in the residence and swab testing showing it was on my furniture, list of contents, receipts, photos, etc. State Farm is 1) refusing to give me a copy of the policy or the mold rider, so I have no idea what the coverage is, and 2) stating that my claim will not be considered unless I submit a mold expert opinion that I was forced to dispose of all my property. Absent suing my former landlord, can I force them to give me a copy of the policy? And why do I need further expert opinion if I have testing showing
ALE Coverage
Our fire happened on 8/4/15. The cause was a barn fire (appurtenant structure) and our dwelling A coverage was for $186,000. Through Exactimate software the damage to each part of the house (spontaneously combusted by the heat of the barn fire, which burned approximately 25% of the 1,350 sf dwelling. S/F gave us $52,000; ACV$30,000; $18,600 Code upgrade. Questions arose as to how to reinforce the structure according to code, the building inspector ordered a work stoppage pending structural engineer evaluation. We have had 7 contractors quote the repairs, upgrades, etc... all GC's recommend demo/rebuild. All quotes are over $169,000. We have $50K+$30K+$18.6K=$98.6K. State Farm is terminating our lease at the end of June. No extension. We have a GC, Architect, Engineer and building inspector has issued permits. We have to use $20K of our own money. What action do you recommend?
Quote from insurance adjuster
The claims adjuster wants to send a quote without doing an inspection and going off our word of what is damaged, should we accept this quote?
Settlement of Property Insurance Claim
I have full replacement coverage in OH. I had a significant loss and my insurance company has settled the cost of repairing my home. A stipulation in the contract for repairs to my home required that all rooms be emptied by the homeowner (due to contractor's insurance policy). I have now submitted an estimate to my insurance company for the cost of storage, (un)packing, and moving of my items to climate controlled storage. My insurance company has refused to make payment for this estimate. Can you help me understand why? Thank you for your time.
I need to get a copy of my insurance
total fire loss to primary residence in February
I just called my insurance agent and was told that they were not going to insure us after 8-7-16. We have had one other homeowner's claim a couple of years ago..it was a leak under a floor. Our home burned 2-4-16 and it was a total loss. What options do I have?
Valley Fire question of time for rebuilding 1 or 2 years for home and rental unit.
Lost home and a rental property and insurance says I have 2 years on ALE, Content, and Replacement of home, does this also apply to replacing the rental unit and give me two years also, Does the Presidential Proclamation of 24 months for Insurance Company to provide ALE, etc. apply specifically to the rental and loss of rents and rebuild or replace with Replacement coverage?
LTD offsets
I receive LTD from DOW Chemical, I'm thinking about filing for veterans disability. I have been on LTD for several years with ERISA Plan # 506, applicable to those disabled prior to 1-1-2008. I would like to know if they consider veterans disability payments as an offset. I want to file for VA disability benefits after I get my VA med records. I would want to do this anonymously, dealing with them rattles me. I hope you can help me with this answer and not share my e-mail. Thank You for working on this important question, it could change my and my families lives.
Fire Insurance contents guaranteed replacement and upgrading.
We are with Travelers and it has been six months since our fire we do not yet have an estimate and just wanted your comment on that, were in a nice home they are been helpful showing us the way to get our entire contents settlement. 210,000.00. By "upgrading". But we have questions. #1 the depreciated amounts are considerably off.... example I have a set of speakers that sell on eBay for2000 to 2500 after depreciation they gave me 400 cash I have vintage guitars home stereos amplifiers just to mention a few things, is it reasonable for me to ask for the current market value or is the correct term depreciated value? So that the cash received be raised? So far we have 75k of 210,000k? The ventage items and tools& equipment. Could later be resold 4 cash correct. How does guaranteed replacement and "upgrading" work & are there limits? Thank you Chip & Marta Johnson look
Home Insurance Claim
I'm not sure whether it is worth it to make a claim. A tree landed on our barn due to wind damage. There is siding and roof damage to the metal room. First, will the roof be replaced or repaired? A replacement cost much more and we would not be able to afford that; whereas a repair we may not need to file the claim. Second, if the insurance company does not pay out; can our policy still be surcharged for filing the loss even if we pay the cost to repair ourselves? Thank you, Melissa
Clock is ticking on finishing filing my claim. July 3, 2014, my rental home burned and was considered total loss. I haven't finished my claim due to having radiation, due to cancer, hip replacement surgery, divorce, loss of my mother,and son graduating
Any leaving and entering the Nuclear Program in the service, then almost forced into retirement due to my mental state of surviving all of this. I have been totally paralyzed emotionally and have done absolutely nothing. Now I am in a panic and don't know what to do next. Any advice or guidance would be extremely helpful, PLEASE. I must complete the claim within 2 yrs of the incident, which is less than 30 days away. Am I beyond Help?
Waiver of Examination Under Oath
I have been requested to participate in an EUO. I have done some research and learned that in some states an insurer waives the right to conduct an EUO if a settlement offer has already been made. I am wondering, is this true in Ohio? How can I go about finding this information?
What if contractor cost is less than estimate?
My insurance is covering structural damage to a portion of my house. There is also additional work I would like to do at the same time. If I'm able to get the damage repaired for less than the insurance company estimate, is there a legitimate way to apply the extra money to the additional work? I could do some of the work myself, hire non-union contractors, or ex. patch plaster rather than replace it. (Assume the end result will be the same quality). Some of the work I would like to add would make the insurance work easier (ex if it's $10k to replace damaged part, but $15k to replace it and something else), how does that get calculated? Alternately, how would it work if I decided to rebuild something of the same or higher finished value, rather than repair, but with less expensive finishes? I'm familiar with change orders etc. Are these tracked as line items or the total amount?
My home was recently flooded. We have filed a claim and the condition of the home is ready to be remodeled. We have not received a final settlement check. We have an investor that is willing to purchase the home "as is". Since we have not received a final claim payout yet, we are concerned about the payment if we transfer ownership. What is the FEMA/NFIP policy for this? Can we sell the house before final payment?
homeowners insurance, ACV vs. Replacement value claim, and sale of property before claim was closed and repairs made
Claim on my roof due to weather related damage ($23,000 based upon insurance adjuster’s claim report). One month after I filed the claim, I sold the property. I provided the Buyer with $42,000 credit included the roof repairs and is documented in escrow agreement. I have a replacement cost coverage policy, but the insurer is indicating that I can only receive the actual cash value of the damage estimate ($16,000) until the repairs are completed. They said that I would receive the balance of the ACV vs. replacement value ($7000) ONLY at the time the repairs are completed. Sold the home, won’t be completing the repairs - how do I get the insurance company to pay me the full amount of the claim?
I'm looking for representation for a vehicle claim with State Farm in Wyoming
Vehicle vandalism with policy thru State Farm. In the investigation stage and feel my interests are not represented. Who would I call to gain advice and information on the law?
Recoverable Depreciation
I was misled about having Replacement coverage by Traveler's but I do and the policy language states: If the cost to repair or replace the property described in A. above is more than $2,500, we will pay no more than the actual cash value for the loss until the actual repair or re- placement is complete. There were many individual items in the 2 separate claims that are under $2,500 that I requested be exempt but they stated the language implies if the claim is over $2,500 and "property" means "properties" / entire loss. How can I persuade them to release my funds they've been earning interest on?
RCV on dwelling but in the policy it changes to ACV on the roof
We are currently trying to settle a wind/hail damage claim on our roof. We have had to fight with Ameriprise Insurance for several months to get the roof replaced and now they are deducting $10,000 for depreciation. stating that in the policy it says that the roof only has ACV coverage. The declaration page says we have RCV coverage on the dwelling; there is no mention of the significant change of coverage regarding the roof; and the agent certainly never mentioned it. To make matters worse, we've had 2 different settlement checks and the depreciation is growing the longer this drags out. I would think it would be calculated as of the date of damage and not continuing to grow more than a year later. I consider the undisclosed change in coverage within the policy to be intentionally misleading to the policy holder. Is there anything we can do about this?

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