Can my nsurance company set a deadline for reimbursement for our contents replacement?
My home burned at the end of August 2016. I just received a letter from them saying that the deadline for us to replace and be reimbursed for our contents is the end of 2017. We don't think we'll even be back into our home until September 2017.
Fire claim contents specialist contract.
The contents specialist that i want to hire to help me with the personal property portion of the claim, has agreed to let me draft the contract agreement. What clauses should it contain in order to demand high quality professional work and guarantee, proper personal property handling, fair pricing, safe storage of goods, prompt execution of work, adherence to industry standards, etc.
Recovery and reconstruction from Hurricane Matthew demolition, in South Carolina and the Property Management Association, Association Board and Insurance companies
Thank you for your offer to help. I live in SC. Waccamaw Management, LLC is the property management company for exterior flood/hurricane damage coverage. January 8, 2017 is the three-month anniversary of the storm. On October 10, 2016, Vines Restoration company was on site demolishing and removing drywall, appliances, insulation, furniture from 32 townhomes and condos. Approximately ten 8x12 foot piles of damaged property were hauled to a landfill. WMC, LLC changed managers three times in these three months. We have received 4 or 5 letters requesting patience. We have not received a construction start date, information on what buildings will be repaired, order of repair, the construction companies, cost, timeframe. I was advised to find an aggressive SC flood insurance and home owners association attorney. We are running out of "loss of use" paying for a rental home. Please advise.
House fire repairs
Hi! I had a house fire in Louisiana. According to our Parish laws, if greater than 30% of electrical wiring is birned, the entire house must be rewired to bring it up to code. My insurance company is saying they will only cover the actual wiring burned, and anything required to bring it up to code to pass inspection will be out of my pocket. Is this legal? I feel like I'm stuck with several grand of repairs I wouldn't have needed if the fire hadn't happened!
Insurance co saying my hand written receipts not valid..?? I had a lawyer tell me if dated and signed valid?? Receipts for things like temp help to help me with packing. Paid in cash.
Length of time to rebuild?
We lost our home in the Valley Fire Sept. 2015. We have been working with clearing the property and an architect drawing plans. We are about to take it our plans to bid. Contractors are very busy here and possibly cannot start until April or May. The 2 year date would be 5-6 months from then and doubtful that the house would be finished. Do we still have time under the federal extension allowed for building and would we still receive our living expenses? One adjuster told us as long as we were moving forward that is all they (AAA) cared about.
Money for excavation and building code upgrades
We lost our home in the Valley Fire 2015. We have come to an agreement with AAA for the full amount our home was insured for. Does this amount include the new excavation that will be needed. The former house was a 3 story and there is a large hole where it was. We want to build a single story with part of the new house over that hole and part of the new home over some area that will need some excavation. Also we have been told different stories about the code upgrades. Are they included in the house money or are they in addition to that money. All of this makes a huge difference in what money we will have to build a new house.
Offset of social security cost of living adjustment
I live in California and my employers corporate office is in Pittsburgh. 10127.1 CA states that COLA can not be offset yet my employer based disability benefits have been reduced every time I receive a COLA increase. Can they do that?
Do you pay tax on lawsuit compensation for property lost in wildfire?
Insurance claim checks with mortgage
I have a buyer for my flooded gutted home. The mortgage company has the insurance checks and will not let me apply these checks to the balance to payoff the mortgage and sale the property. I am scheduled to close on Dec 23rd. And stand a chance of losing the sale because of this. What can I do to get them to agree to apply these checks and give title company a correct payoff amount so I call sale this property. The time line for this is a crunch. Any advice will be greatly appriciated. Thank you
intellectual property
We just realized we lost lesson plans units outlines notes journals for two books -- we have one education book published. We cannot replace these. Will we be able to claim on insurance and how would we get value?
Confirming quality work is done.
I had a fire and called one of the two services recommended by my insurance because I am new to Indianapolis and did not know any quality contractors and because it was late at night and raining when I first found out my house had been on fire. The contractor, ServPro a franchise operation, has been very difficult to deal with and they have done sloppy work. The mortgage company sent an "inspector" but all he did was check to see that they were working to get me back into my home, nothing about quality or correctness. ServPro told me the job was done, but many things do not work, like my stove, or are not done properly. Both Insurance (State Farm) and Mortgage company say they are not part of this. Who is supposed to check to make sure electrical etc. is done correctly. I paid for a house inspection before purchase, but who protects me after a fire? I do not feel safe in my home. Bonnie
House flooded in Baton Rouge, LA. Had insurance. I have been made an offer to sell the house as is. can I sell the house as is, and pay off the mortgage? Do I get to keep insurance money? How do I go about getting this accomplish or is it possible?
My house is in Baton Rouge, LA and flooded in August 2016. I Had insurance. The insurance company has offered me $187,00 for property damage but I owe $200,000 on the mortgage. I have been made an offer ($170,000 0) to sell the house as is ( the house has been gutted). This means I would have to come up with an additional $30,000 which I am willing to do in order to pay the mortgage off. I no longer want the house so can I sell the house as is, and pay off the mortgage? Do I get to keep insurance money? If this is possible, what steps do I need to take to make it happen?
My house was lost in a fire.
My insurance was cancelled without me knowing. They mailed a single letter months ago. I never received the letter. The agent never contacted me in any other way. Do I have any rights?
Louisiana Flood 2016
Our home was lost in the flood located in Central , Louisiana. After many tries we finally got the claims money from NIFP. When we sent the check to the mortgage company and they keep making changes to the request of documents needed in order to release any funds for our claim. We have provided everything they have asked for and every time we call it's always something different. What are my options? The mortgage company is Nationstar. We have used our savings to get our home livable.
had a renters insurance policy that paid out in 2015 with fire marshal report showing cause as undetermined now i cant find insurance company who will do landlord insurance for me who can i contact?
Roof leaking
Hail damage in 2012 not covered because adjuster said cost to repair was my deductible. Had repair done myself and roof leaking now due to high winds and rain. I fear insurance company will say the samething again. Please help
offset reimbursement
Can a disability insurance company i.e. Prudential require reimbursement from 2008 for the company's miscalculations for offset of social security benefits.
Can I have a repair estimate reviewed and a new estimate prepared based on the estimate sent by my insurance adjusters estimate. They have issued a check in the amount of this estimate, less the deductible. What should I do with the Check?
I had an accidental fire created by brushing past the two right side, ftont and back, electric burners, on my LG LRE4213ST Electric Range
State Farm changing its mind about paying us for our hydroelectric system that burned in the Valley Fire in California.
State Farm told us our hydroelectric system was covered under Dwelling A. They supported this by sending us numerous letters requesting our bid from a contractor for labor and parts. It took time for us to get a bid because of the uniqueness of having a hydroelectric system. Since we had verbal statements we would be covered and letters supporting this, we were surprised to be told they were now not going to cover our system. They basically said we could do nothing about it because a year had passed and they were sorry they had made a mistake in telling us it was covered. Do I have any recourse in this situation? They have all the information they asked for and we have signed a contract for the building of hydroelectric system.
Pol to sign or not to sign
As you probably know we have till Dec 12 to sign our pol from Allstate. We don't agree with the numbers and a large amount of cost needs to be added because their pol does not include removal and replacement of sheathing boards between brick and studs. This stuff is crumbling and adjuster said it's fine but it's not. We had 5 ft of nasty water in the house for 3 days. What should we do?
Getting full replacement cost in the event of a total loss.
My insurer's replacement cost report totals $480,906. My licensed contractor estimates the most likely replacement cost would be $737,210 and his high-side estimate is $842,240. My insurance "an extended replacement coverage of an extra 50%... just in case our report came in a little bit off". How much insurance should I get? I'm thinking the number should be $561,493 ($842,240 divided by 150%). I would very much like to talk to you before I talk to my insurer since they'd be happy to have me pay a higher premium. My phone number is 650-678-2489. Thank you. Cathy
In the state of Missouri, are we allowed to recover depreciation for work that wasn't performed from our homeowners insurance claim?
Our contractor says he's done approximately 90 jobs in the last three months, and all the other homeowners have been written checks for the recoverable depreciation for parts of the claim not completed. Our insurance claim rep. is pressuring us to close for our final check, but are not including the recoverable depreciation for the parts of the claim not completed. What are our rights? Are we owed the recoverable depreciation for only the parts of the claim that were completed?
total fire loss
do you have an app for estimating inventory after a total fire loss?

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