Fire Claim
What is the typical time to settle a fire claim? My claim has dragged on for five months and the insurer is not paying loss of use.
Reading ALE - What if we buy a new property while staying at a rented apartment while our fire struck house is getting restored - Will ALE still pay the amount they are paying for rent now if we plan to move to the new house?
We were out of town during a long weekend and had a house fire due to lightening that gutted our entire kitchen and the entire house had extensive smoke damage. Our insurance company put us in a hotel for 3 weeks and after that at an apartment that they separately furnished. We wanted the apartment to be at walking distance from work so that we could be less stressed. We have been living there for almost 2 months now and the lease is for another 4 months and after that on a month to month basis if it takes longer for the house to be restored which probably won't be the case. During these 2 months, we realized how wonderful it is to be near work and walk to workplace and therefore have been tempted to look at houses nearby and are considering it a great possibility to finally moving closer to work. We might end up selling our house or renting it once it is restored. Incase we plan to go ahead and buy a house while our house is getting restored and terminate the apartment lease- will ALE pay for our monthly rental expenses what they are paying for our apartment now so that it can help us cover a part of the new mortgage cos otherwise we will have 2 mortgages on us then. What if we pay the fee for early termination of lease at the apartment, shouldn't it be ok? Will they pay for the moving- from apartment to new home of the furniture they furnished? I am assuming there won't be any problem in the final delivery of our cleaned salvageable contents to the new property and purchasing/ delivery of the replaced items at our new property. Need your guidance please as we are serious about buying a place closer to work and unfortunately we can't wait till the house is restored. Thanks in advance.
Financial Assistance in Raising or Rebuilding Home after Harvey
Our home flooded (2-3 feet of water) during Harvey and also flooded (according to neighbors, but couldn't find paid property loss claim through FEMA) during tropical storm Allison in 2001. Our house is designated as being in the 100 year flood plain and we have mandatory flood insurance through NFIP. We'd like to have the house raised ~5' to meet current requirements for new home construction or possibly demolish the house and build new. We don't have the funds to do either of those options by ourselves. I did research the 2017 FMA Home Elevation Grant Program through the city of Houston, but the submission deadline ended in August. We love our neighbors and our neighborhood and don't plan to move, but we'd hate to have to fix the house every 5-10 years. Does anyone know of any resources, grants, assistance for homeowners to mitigate future flood damage claims?
50% Rule for repairs of homes in the 100 year flood zone
I live in Bellaire, TX and our home was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. According to the City of Bellaire, home repairs cannot exceed 50% of the structure value. Our structure (Improvement) is valued at $20,000 and our land is valued at $420,000 by the Harris County Appraisal District. We live in a 1700 sq ft bungalow. My question is this: Can we use an appraisal we had done 2 weeks prior to the hurricane to establish the home value for permitting with the City of Bellaire? The Value by Cost Approach was $584,400 with the site value being $340,000. The value by Sales Comparison amount is $570,000. Our home was very nice and even featured in the Bellaire Tour of Homes a few years ago.
Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC)
once all the documents have been submitted and approved, how long does insurance have to send the icc claim payment to homeowner?
Property Damage claim denied (water damage due to pipe burst)
Pipe burst inside insured's home. Specifically, inside of wall between her master bedroom and bathroom vanity. Client called plumber (20 years plumbing experience) to check on issue. Plumber determined it was a sudden burst in copper pipe with water spray up toward ceiling. Insurer denied claim stating not covered because it was slow seepage over long time. Incorrectly referenced client's plumbing report in denial letter stating that client's plumber also said slow seepage due to corroded pipe. Adjuster took the cooper pipe from client without asking. What's best way to handle such a denial?
Claim limits for federal disaster
We are approaching the 24 month (2 year) anniversary of our date of loss. We lost everything in the Valley Fire in 2015. We are currently rebuilding, and have received portions of claim payout. But there are still unresolved issues such as debris removal, code upgrades and additional living expenses that have not been paid. Do we need to file a request for extension of claim time? I thought since the claim was in process, we were good until we signed something in writing, but now I am not so sure. Please help. Thank you.
Rebuilding after total loss in wildfire
We do not want to rebuild on our property after it and our home burned in a wildfire. Is our federal credit union that holds our mortgage allowed to force us to rebuild on the original property, or cancel our mortgage if we don't? We're looking to purchase a lot of higher value than the original lot. If we can't do that and are forced to pay off the mortgage we'll essentially be homeless because we are both now retired and wouldn't qualify for the mortgage amount we currently have! Thank you for your help.
Insurance pay out to rebuild or relocate?
My house was destroyed by a Harvey and I'm not sure I want to rebuild there. Will this information effect the pay out from my insurance company?
setting limits for flood coverage
For a preferred risk policy... condo with a walkout basement. The basement has furnace, hot water heater, paneling on the walls, some carpet that I'm not too worried about. Condo association not responsible for basement finishing. Not in a flood zone, but want coverage just in case. I figure there is no coverage for the carpet and perhaps not for paneling, but maybe for electric outlets, and almost for sure for the freezer, furnace & hot water tank. If flood water does get in, would federal flood insurance pay for cleanup of mud, dehumidifiers for drying things out & potential mold remediation. Info needed for trying to decide on coverage amounts.
Coverage C personal property, Request from Nationwide to submit inventory by Oct 24, 2017
I received notice from Nationwide adjuster to have my contents list submitted by Oct 24, 2017. The personal property total loss fire occurred on June 11, 2017. This will give me a total of 4.5 months to complete the detailed list. Is this standard policy for insurance company's and if needed am I bound to the request? I am not sure I can have it done by then.
Offsets long term disability and combined family maximums
I would like to know if the LTD company can take the whole new amount of my children's benefits they are now to receive under my new SSDI claim to offset their obligation or if they are only allowed to take the difference between what the children were receiving as beneficiaries on their father's earnings record for SSA retirement and now the new higher amount because of the combined family maximum since both of us are now receiving SS benefits? The children were beneficiaries on my husbands SSA when he retired about 6 years ago. I recently became disabled and my earnings record is higher so the calculation for the children's benefits now will be higher but I believe is based on both of our earnings. Thank you.
Claim Settlement
We agreed on a settlement with our adjuster and told him we started doing repairs on our house. Now the adjuster is asking us for receipts before he can release the money. Is this legal?
ALE issues
Thank you for reading this. February 2016, our family had a house fire. Our family of 5 (3 children under 4 yrs old including a newborn) were out of the house for 11 months for the rebuild. Dealing with our Liberty Mutual insurance has been by far more traumatic than the fire itself. After 18 months of gruelingly proving that we were under-insured and overt $30k over our possessions limit (despite untold lies and deception from our insurance) we just received a check for the remaining $15k of our possessions policy limit. We are now working on our remaining category - additional living expenses. Other than monthly rent, we haven't yet submitted any ale receipts. We were told multiple times verbally that we could give general estimates and that it would understandable if we didn't keep receipts for everything. Of course now they are refusing to cover anything without a receipt. We were hoping to get things like 1. Eating out directly relating to insurance errands 2. Moving expenses 3. Babysitting 4. Extra gas/ mileage - do people have luck getting babysitting covered? I stayed home with my children pre fire and because of the fire we had many paid and unpaid helpers constantly helping with the children. At time of fire I was 8 months pregnant and had a 2 and 3 yr old. Do you have any recommendations for getting some of these hours covered, seeing as we obviously don't have receipts for sitters who were paid or volunteering - they are refusing to pay moving expenses (from rental to new home) saying that that is part of possessions. Since that category has reached its limit, we aren't being reimbursed for the moving company. Do that seem reasonable or how do we argue it for ale? - any tips for eating out specifically because of meetings and shopping? Despite them saying we could give estimates, they are now demanding receipts. Is this reasonable? Thanks so much for your time!
Multiple licenses contractors for build back
I live in California and had water damage at my home about 10 weeks back. I have not yet settled the claim with insurance company as I am working through different items of dispute. I have not been paid the whole amount as per insurance contractor work of scope, they subtracted deductible plus overhead & profits. We started out build back process with a General contractor who did dry wall, base board, crown molding repair, paint, etc. I did contract my kitchen and flooring work to different companies and did not do sub contract via my General Contractor. Can you tell me if there could be any problem with my claim processing or if Insurance / mortgage company would have any issues - getting the work done like this ? Thanks --- Update - My insurance is Western Mutual Insurance
What building products can an insurance company depreciate in a dwelling? I've read that framing, masonry, concrete, insulation and light fixtures cannot be depreciated...where would I find a comprehensive list? Is it possible/advisable to dispute the depreciation of building products? Our attorney disputed all the building depreciation and the insurance company's adjustor set it aside as an unresolved item.
Overhead and Profit
My insurance company denied my general contractor overhead and profit which was about 2300 close to 15/10. The contractor,, who used to be an adjuster, and other members of the company say that it is warranted for my project which was a sewer back up in the basement. My adjuster's manager told me that they will not be giving that to us because majority of the project involves flooring and is not a complex job. We then went through my insurance company to send out someone to look at everything again to see if anything needs to be added. That company added additional costs to the job which is leading me to believe that they will award my contractor the overhead and profit. There is carpeting, drywall, trim, bathroom tile, door frames, and now additional costs for possibly tearing up concrete in the bathroom for new tile flooring. Even the company they sent says it might be a two week job to repair everything. My question is, if they still do not give us the overhead and profit, who can I talk to then to push for them to provide that cost?
Black mold throughout home
We have found black mold all through the home. But we have already started to replace and have replaced things in the home. Closet floor and shower faucet. Due to shower leaking. We found this problem by me falling through the floor and busting through the wall in the closet. During this discovery we have learned both bathrooms and kitchen has this problem with black mold and children and myself have signs and symptoms of black mold. Can I still turn this into my insurance company? I believe the whole house has mold!!! We started replacing the bathroom and the floor before we knew the problem was in several areas of the home. We are homeowners.
Insurance company hired a third party unlicensed building consultant to adjust our claim
We had a partial house fire. Is it legal for an insurance company to hire a third party building consultant to adjust our claim? He took the scope that we had done by our contractor and cut out all the necessary items that the county requires for occupancy and gave it back to us with nearly half the items missing. He is not an adjuster. He works for a forensics company who also does not have an adjuster license. Our coverage is very sufficient. We had two of our own estimates done which were very close and then there is this guy who again was hired by the insurance company who submitted to us this low ball estimate on his company letterhead with no license number. Is this legal? We can't get occupancy until these items are put back in. Aside note...This guy never took one measurement in our house. Please advise.
Hiring a contractor after a home fire
My house in California was caught on fire. And my insurance company issued a check for repair under both my name and the mortgage company's name. I do not intend to hire a contractor to do the repairs, and I intend to fix my own house myself. I can manage to do pretty much everything on my own and I can get help if I need to. The question is, How do I get my mortgage company to release the funds to me? Does California allow me to be own contractor? Thanks.
Reimbursable expenses
Are travel expenses reimbursable in a property damage claim? Also can I be reimbursed for the cost of an estimate of the damages incurred that was submitted to the carrier? The independent estimate was used at the request of the carrier. Thanks
My rights or legal interest in the property portion of our homeowners insurance claim
I am needing to hire an attorney in order to proceed with my portion of the claim as a resident who is now been denied payment on my contents not only that but insurance hasn't requested receipts be submitted and on all the receipts have been submitted I have not been reimbursed for anything that I spent such as there are two different credit cards that are in my name not my roommate yet he received payment for those items I did not
What should I do when the insurance company is not reimbursing me in a timely fashion?
I made several requests for different reimbursements after a fire for things like mileage, replacement of computer equipment, and laundry expenses. I made the request two months ago and provided all necessary documentation. This is taking way too long. What can I do?
Claim Check Issued To
I have USAA homeowners insurance. My husband of 2 years is the primary policy holder. However, the property is in my former name. I requested the check to be made out to me and my bank as required per the large dollar amount. I was informed that I should submit a letter from my husband authorizing them to exclude his name from the check, a copy of our marriage license and a copy of the deed. I submitted the information as requested. The still sent the check with his name stating it's required as he is the policy holder. We are older, have a prenuptial agreement and do not want to cause a cloud of title with a large check being issued for my home in his name. He has his own home on the policy as well. Can I get the name corrected on the draft, maintaining the policy number and his name listed on the invoice as policy holder?
We had a garage fire and smoke entered the home thru open windows. We have smoke damage and a video showing tons of smoke going into the house. The insurance co ordered forensic testing. Who pays for that? Does it come out of our policy coverage?
Do we have to pay for the tests that our insurance company is ordering to prove if smoke is present or not. They are spending more money on forensics than the carpet in question would cost to replace.

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