Water damage claim
Thank your for your answer to my previous question. I'm a little confused by the answer I received. If I use the company that the insurance co. provided for repairs to complete a portion of repair work, do I have to use them for all of the work? If I understand your answer you are saying that I have to have the work completed in the estimation as is and make no changes? If I can stay within the amount allowed why can I not make some changes? The house is free and clear. I do not know if that makes any difference.
claim with insurance co. for water damage
My insurance co. did not have an adjuster come out to assess the damage to my home.. They had a restoration and repair company come out and prepare an estimate for repairs. They have already deposited the funds to repair the house into my account. Am I obligated to use this company to repair all the damage or may I have them complete only certain items? I have a family friend that can do the cosmetic work such as installing floors and painting. for much less that the restoration company will charge.
legal fees as an incurred expense?
I lost my home to fire last year. My insurance co. sent a check, payable to me & my insurance co., to pay off my mortgage. The amount was the exact amount per the mortgage company's response for a loan payoff amount. This was Nov. of 2015. The morgtage company, which gets very poor customer ratings, refused to credit my account with the $136K & has held the $136K in a "reserved escrow account" stating they need a letter of intent to payoff the loan & a CURRENT pay off amount statement. The mortgage company has tried to sell my burned house as a 3bd 2 ba 2100sq ft home at auction 3 times! After trying to deal with this extortion myself for 10 months, I hired an attorney. After a month of work the mortgage company legal staff admit the mistake. Can I claim the legal fees incurred as additional expense from my insurance? Can I sue for extortion in civil court?
value of books per foot
My house burned completely in the Butte fire. I am trying to estimate the value of my books I lost from my library. Is there a current estimate for the value of books per foot for fiction/nonfiction and technical/engineering books that is accepted by insurance companies? I am planning a trip to Stanford University bookstore but if anyone has a current figure at hand that would save me a 300 mile round trip!! Thank you in advance for your help. Rosemary Wilson, Arnold CA
Multiple Water Source Claim Denied
We recently had a basement flood that the restoration company and field adjuster agreed was from multiple sources - bad roof flashing on one side and a foundation crack on the other. We now have mold in our basement (flood happened two weeks ago but adjuster just came out today) and they denied all of our claim. Is there anything we can do? At minimum we must get the mold remediated, carpet torn out, and drywall fixed. We have only been in the house for year! Please advise. Thank you in advance for your help. PS - we have Safeco.
Flood Disaster Connellsville
Home was destroyed by 4 ft water it is one level, sits on ground, no slab. city engineer came and deemed our home as for demo. After the flood adjustor came, we informed him about the demo, they want to send an engineer to investigate the findings, 4 to 6 weeks in the meantime we are in 30 day temp. housing. Mold has been growing and the flood insurance engineer is telling us we better not let the city demo home until they get their because our policy states we are to have home available. It's been 2 weeks and it is available. Any advice ?? Thank u.
Insurance claims
Elder/sick parents had to move in with their children (in another state) so the home went up for sale and was still insured, but the home was vandalized/broken in to.....can a insurance claim still be filed on our parents home?.... NO because it was worked out that the house would be rented to family in the same town but it never got to that point after the vandalism
NFIP supplement process
We just received our proof of loss and cost of repair forms to sign and return. Some of the amounts on the line items are way out of line and won't cover the costs to replace. It was explained to me this total was a starting point and there is a supplement process to cover overages. Is it safe to sign these documents and submit to start the process or should I contest the amounts in question now. What documentation is needed to supplement a flood claim? I was told to send in receipts but if I don't have the money to pay I can't get a receipt. Are labor costs able to be supplemented in this process?
Proof Of Loss- LA Flood
We had 6ft of water in our home in Denham Springs, LA. We were one of the fortunate and do have flood insurance on structure, not contents. We are actually over insured on the structure. Allstate sent a Proof Of Loss and requiring we sign and send back, It is broke down room by room, however I don't know that the total they have will in fact cover everything, we called and they stated that this is just a starting point to get the ball rolling, and if there are additional costs incurred we will have to open a supplement claim. Of course we have never been through this process, just wanting to get conformation this is all on the right track? I appreciate any information. Thank you, Kim Adams
Home insurance coverage
We got slammed with golf ball size hail. insurance adjuster came by and pretty much only cover ruff and guters. It is not close to enough. Our landscaping has been ruined, trees torn apart , fence has holes, grass is gone, paint on our house is chipped even dented garage. What should I do?
my home burneed down 5 months ago it is uninhabitibal to live in. insurance says additional living exspences covered is 11,808.00 but after 5 months they quit paying because they said that was enough time for me to find a hoime. question details
the policy reads as follows: 1.) We will pay the reasonable increase in living expenses nessesary to masintain your normal standard of living when a direct physical loss we cover makes residence uninhabitibal. 2.)payment for additional living expenses as a result of covered loss will be limited to the least of the following 1. the time period it takes to repair or replace the property we c over using due diligence and dispatch. 2. if you permantley relocate the shortest time for your household to settle else where or 3. 12 monthgs from the date of the loss or damage. there telling me two months was enough time to find a home and quit paying living expences. they said thats reasonable amount of time to find a home. i told them my husband passed away this first time without him after 30 yrs. I'm scared but been looking very hard plus market house goes in one day
I was over charged on cleaning due to smoke damaged. I asked the company to remove the overcharged items, and now they have me paying more than the original invoice.
Payments Wired to My Account
When I initially spoke with my claim adjuster, she asked if I'd like to have funds wired to my account for ease of payment. I thought it was a good idea, but now I'm not so sure. My claim is in the asbestos abatement and debris removal stage. Although I informed my adjuster that I had not signed the residential contract for services nor the work authorization agreement, she wired the amount that was on the work authorization, less $6,000, to my account. I received a letter a few days later that says "Your endorsement of the check(s) represents acceptance of the offer(s) of payment, but does not constitute a release of this claim." I'm afraid that when it comes to the reconstruction phase, that she will do the same, except it will constitute a release of the claim. Can I request that the electronic deposits be canceled and that all future payments be mailed?
I just completed my house inventory on the UP Help app. Is that sufficient, or do I need to do more??
Insurance Company
Is there something legally wrong with an Insurance Company adjuster saying they will get another contractor for the homeowner when you, the contractor already have a contract with the insured?
Hiring a Forensic Estimator/Private Adjuster
Should I wait until the insurance company issues me their dwelling repair estimate before hiring a private adjuster? My policy is not that much to begin with, so I don't want to spend too much of it in the event that, although unlikely, the insurance company gives me the total amount of the policy. Thanks
Payment to Contractors
My home was recently destroyed in a fire, and I signed a contract with a company for asbestos abatement and debris removal before thoroughly reading the contract. After reading, I discovered that by signing, I authorized the insurance payment to be given directly to them. I realize I now have no choice in this matter, however, I would like to know if it's standard practice for insurance companies to issue full payment prior to work being done, or if the payment from the insurance company can be broken down into two payments, one payment for deposit and the other after completion of the work being done. Thanks for your help
Do i put in a claim for smoke,soot, and ashes?
I am living in a single home across the 5 freeway , 1 mile away from the sand fire. I have soot, ashes all over, in my home, in the attic, the pool, and backyard; but no fire damage. My home insurance is Travelers for $1025 /year, and my deductible is $2,500. Do i put in a claim? I spoke with a lawyer whom says that my claim can go up to $25,000. I told him I do not want to have a raise or cancellation of coverage. He told me that even if I do not claim, it will go up because insurances go by zip codes. Can you give me some advice please? Thank you.
Content List - Salvageable or UnSalvageble - Need supporting product data, processes & or any helpful information. Please assist.
We're struggling with the content adjuster's list (unsalvageable or salvageable). Our home is uninhabitable due to fire&extreme heat.The garage&attic are non-existent&our kitchen is completely destroyed;as well as is..most of our home. EX:Adjuster states Glass cookware in kitchen,uncapped Liquor in bar cabinet & wine glasses in D.R. Cabinet are salvageable,etc.The corks popped out of wine bottles on china cabinet&cabinet glass shattered.We need assistance on the Health&Safety aspects; as well as supporting proof of future product stability.We pay extra for Full Replacement; however, we feel that the adjuster is greatly depreciating all & stating salvageable.I've reached out to a well-known cookware manufacturer; & at least, now have supporting data stating"DO NOT use".In addition,Adjuster has failed to list many items or has listed incorrectly. Thanks.
Examination Under Oath in Ohio
I have been asked, under the terms of my homeowner's insurance policy, to submit to an Examination Under Oath (EUO). I am currently unavailable to do so in person and have offered to submit via skype, as well as by phone simultaneously, if the connection is not acceptable to either party. There is nothing explicit written in my policy that precludes me from participating in an EUO in this way. Is there any precedent in Ohio law that prohibits me from submitting to this EUO electronically? Thank you for your time.
Medicare part B or Company health care group insurance is a primary insurance? Can the company change a disability status to retiring status to force disable employee to take Medicare part B as primary insurance?
I have been on disability and receiving disability benefit and health insurance from my previous company. Recently, I was offer Medicare part B and since I'm under 65 years old, disable and my employer has more than 100 employees so I believe that my current group insurance should be my primary and so the company also told me so so I declined medicare part B. Now my company heath insurance told me that my status has changed to retired so Medicare should be my primary care and so they withdraw their coverage as primary care and only pays as a secondary care. Since I had declined medicare so I have to pay out of pocket a large portion of my heath care cost. I had stopped working from the company because my disability and not from retiring. Can the company do that? Told me one thing and do differently? Also it seems they cheating on medicare from changing my status isn't it?
Bad faith/fraudulant claim
We discovered a flood in our home as we arrived to move into the home on 6/28/16. Travelers' adjuster misjudged our damage, estimating 1/5 of what four contractors estimated to do repairs. Travelers then brought in a large loss adjuster on 7/25, nearly a month after discovering the flood. Along the way, Travelers made many mistakes, which we have documented, several that put our family, including 3 young daughters, at health risk. On our behalf, our agent contacted the adjuster's boss to raise concerns. Yesterday, on Day 45, the adjuster sent the final estimate. We now have evidence that he has acted with malice, has lied to us, misled us, and we believe has now engaged in fraud. We have documentation and all communications. Our agent is meeting with the travelers regional manager on Wednesday. We don't know what the next step should be. Insurance commissioner? Attorney? Please advise.
Mortgage and Insurance Claim
A relative had a house fire in which she received an insurance claim check, which is being held by the mortgage lender. After the fire the home went into pre-foreclosure. She then decided not to do repairs and sell the home. With a cash buyer and the insurance claim check, she has enough to pay off mortgage with +$100k remaining. However, the lender is refusing to apply the insurance check to her principal balance, which would force her to do a short sale. Can the lender keep the insurance money without applying to the mortgage balance? and, what about the overage? Can they keep any money above what is owed?
rental payments
I heard soon after the Valley Fire in California, Sept. 12, 2016, that it had been categorized as a National Disaster and that because of this, there would be living expenses, rental payments in particular for those with total loss structures, through 2 years. I have not been able to verify this in all the research I've done. I hope you will be able to answer this question for me, and also advise me what to do to get this help. My insurance company is American Modern Home Insurance. Thank you.
Auto insurance claim denial and negligence
I was in an at fault auto accident and I had actually upped my coverage minutes before the collision. Ironic but grateful for doing so but then my auto insurance has denied coverage when the police report clearly states the accident happened after the coverage change. They tried to argue because someone called my phone minutes before making the policy change that the accident somehow magically occured when my phone rang. At the time of repair estimates the agent doing the estimate told me my car was going to be moved to their repair facility. Three days after that the active agent in my claim told me they had not. my car was stolen and stripped in between those days. I have been forced to make a 2me claim for theft and they are still not providing me with the coverage paid for. My stress level is affecting my health. They won't reply or call back when I message them. What do I do?

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