Should I hire a lawyer?
Dear experts: I live in California and own a rental property in Nashville. On Feb. 17 of this year, the water line to an upstairs toilet rusted through and flooded the entire house while the renters were at work. I have a "rental dwelling" homeowner's policy through State Farm. Initial drying took place immediately via my property management company. An adjuster came in, did his inspection, and left. A week ago I received a huge packet in the mail, and what looks like a check for around $15K. I don't think this is nearly enough to cover the damage — it was extensive — and now don't know where to turn. I need help! I can fly to Nashville, but can't stay (I work in LA) Thinking I should hire a lawyer to handle. And if so, who should I hire?
fire insurance claim
I had a "Florida room" for my small RV - it attaches to the RV when you set it up. It was stored in my shed which burned up in the california valley fire. I paid the deductible for replacing items in my shed but State Farm says that the Florida room would come under my car insurance and so I have to file a claim for that with a separate deductible of $500. The Florida room costs $878 and it was 10 years old so this means I basically get nothing for it (after paying the auto deductible, I might even lose money). Shouldn't it be covered under the shed insurance where it was stored?
Unable to get Fire Insurance
We are working on buying a house in Aptos California and are having a difficult time finding an Insurance Company to provide Fire Insurance. Is there any kind of govt. program (Federal or State) that backs insurance companies when there is a seemingly large forest fire threat? How can people sell or purchase a house if no one will insure it and the mortgage companies won't lend unless it is insured?!
good inventory sheet?
need a bad faith attorney
My home had suffers water damage and some help to get my claim paid out to the fullest can you are some one you know to refer to me thank you
We had an electric fire and our house had to be rewired. The house is contemporary and the adjuster insisted on junction boxes instead of replacing "home runs." Our policy states repair or replace. It is a contemporary home: no attic. Safety issue for us.
How can the adjuster deny what it actually cost to make the repair with a reputable contractor? He states the work was not approved. We are vastly different on the amount of the claim. The ins. co is completely lowballing the amount needed to repair. We have paid our contractor out of pocket. What are our chances of being made whole?
Matching and cosmetic issues
I was told there is a new federal case law that forces insurance companies to pay for matching or cosmetic issues in a property claim. do you know the name of the specific case.
I have a public adjuster and he is charging on all the claims. I was told by someone else that he should not be taking money from the added living expense. I pay 1500.00 a month and I get that back from the insurance co but he is charging his percent. So I pay 1500.00 and get back 1500.00 but have to pay him 900.00 for the last 6 months
Flooded commercial property owner
Good Afternoon.We own a Garden Center that is Commercial Property in westchester county NY. The address is 345 North Highland Avenue ,Ossining NY,We hired a Property manager through our previous attorney.The property had to be assess ,When arriving on the Property we seen a window broken and heard water running,The Main fuse breaker was deliberately shut off in turn the furnace was also shut off this restricted the Heating of the building,The house had 2 -3 feet of water, till this present day! We immediately took pictures with the professions real estate Broker and the appraiser.I called my lawyer and he was to call the property manager to put a claim in., Till This day we still dont know the 5 w's on the insurance claim adjuster or if the building even has Insurance. The attorney told me the propery manager said dont put a claim in,This sounds Illegal, I dont agree,can you help me!!
Does our insurance cover damage from burst water main pipe in the street?
Hello, a water main burst in front of our house, and the water rushed into our driveway and front door. The water utility agrees it's their fault, but it's not clear if our insurance policy covers the damage. The insurance agent suggested that we withdraw our claim to the insurance company, and submit a claim directly to the water utility. A lawyer acquaintance says they just don't want to deal with us, but should accept our claim, cover the damages and and then subrogate the claim against the utility company. Our insurance policy states it doesn't cover all kinds of water damage, but the adjuster we talked to says it should cover this one. I want to be able to argue my case with the insurance company, and am hoping you can give me some ammunition to do so!
sale of flooded property
I have a buyer for my flooded gutted home. I have the insurance check which is made out to me and the mortgage company. Can I apply this check to the balance to payoff the mortgage and sell the property. I am scheduled to close on March 5. And stand a chance of losing the sale if there are any issues with the mortgage company. What do I need to do to get them to agree to apply this check in the event they say No. The time line for this is a crunch. Any advice will be greatly appriciated. Thank you
Property loss due to fire.
How can I get USAA to pay full policy benefits? In May 2016, my U-Haul caught on fire causing over $350,000 in loss property. My USAA policy was only for $263,000. They are paying less than $100,000 and deducting $25,000 from U-Haul's additional insurance I took out on truck. Can they do that? Can they pay less than what my property policy was for and deduct a 2nd insurance payment from what their willing to pay?
Home owners insurance. Claims
What are the CA. Laws in regards to privacy practices? Such as sharing previous claim info with other insurance. Companies?
Personal Property Settlement
We were part of a CA wildfire (arson) Lost our storage garage. We were paid in 9/2016 for our personal property settlement. We are still trying to start the rebuild process, so cannot rebuy what we need yet until we have the space for our things. We have with made plans or spent the money that we were given for the personal property. We have just been told (5 months later) after I submitted a "forgotten items list" that they've caught a mistake they made in over paying us on "collectables" past our collectables limit so any more items we submit as forgotten, or rebuy and submit receipts to try to get the recoverable depreciation will be deducted from the $5500.00 mistake they made in our original payment. We will never meet that amount in recoverable depreciation so basically they are conveniently telling us right as we're about to submit receipts that, no, you cannot get anything else.
Endorsing FEMA Hurricane Matthew check over to ex's mortgage company
I am not the borrower, my ex is, but his mortgage company is being uncooperative as to endorsing the check from FEMA from Hurricane Matthew, made out to me and them, over to me so that I can begin repairs. If my only recourse is to endorse the check over to them, then I would expect that they should make certain covenants with me as to their responsibilities to me and how they will perform them. I do not plan to hand the check over until I have an agreement with the mortgage company, or a restrictive endorsement. How can I get an agreement with them in writing so that I can make sure all goes as it should? I had two feet of storm surge in my downstairs office and guest quarters in October, and have had the FEMA check for over two months now, and cannot make my home whole.
Hurricane Matthew - What are the Insurance company's responsibilities to insureds with regard to providing any adjuster's reports, ALE expenses and any timeline they are ruled by. Any guidance you could give would be appreciated.
Storm 10/716; Claim 10/10; 10/12 3 tarps to roof self pabilitiy - no reimbursement to date; Ins.Claim Rep. 10/25 1st contact; Indep. Adj 10/29; air scrubber 11/21 no dehumidifiers water damage in many areas; they had to order since they have an agreement with Rytech; partial payment for roof and drywall, etc. rec'd 11/29 with summary; 11/10 FEMA contacted - DECLINE; start SBA; husband (atty) ill from mold; can't stay - relocated to 2nd home on 12/10; new roof 12/14-17; limited communication since; 2nd indep. adj. 1/15/17; 1/20 self ordered dehumidifiers due to moisture still in wallsl; 1/24 contracted self pay mold assessment; no report as yet but yes mold; 1/24 filed complaint at Dept. of Fin. Svcs.;2/1 ins. claim rep no ALE because we have 2nd home; not eligible; only electric ; 1st homesteaded 29 yrs never rented, our use only. No supptl, ltr or info received. BEYOND FRUSTRATED.
contents and labor during a fire/smoke damage claim
I am wondering since I am not the Policy Holder of my twin sisters homeowners insurance, that I lost a tremendous amount of content after a fire in our garage. My twin sister is the policy holder and I owned most of the content destroyed and she does not want to give me the money from insurance company for my contents. What can I do about this. The insurance company has been writing the checks out to both her and I. She wont give me the money for packout/cleaning either. What can I do? I also have COPD, Asthma, and congestive heart failure and she has been given money from insurance company to reside outside of home until repaired, but she just banked the monies. I am feeling sick already from probably breathing the smoke? I am at a loss. Please advise me as what my legal rights are. Thank You.
Hurricane Matthew flood insurance check
The FEMA check is written to me and my ex's mortgage company. I am not a borrower on the account, and our divorce decree states clearly that the property is exclusively mine, and that my ex is not entitled to any rights of any kind. I have sent papers to BB&T Property Damage Claims in Ohio every time they have requested them in order to get where I could finally request a local branch endorsement, and now they have turned me down and told me to endorse the check over to them. I do not believe I am beholding to them whatsoever, as they did not require that flood insurance be kept on the property due to the X flood zone, and I paid the premium to protect myself from loss. If I did not have the flood insurance when Hurricane Matthew came through, I alone would have suffered the loss, not BB&T. How can I get the check into my control?
Contractor General Practice Question
I know United Policyholders are generally here to assist with insurance questions, but I've been looking online and am struggling to find a clear definition of the expenses included in the overhead portion of the contractors bid. My home burned to the ground in the Valley Fire. My contractor is charging 10% overhead, but made a separate line on my list of materials for general liability insurance & is charging 2.5% of the entire direct cost of the job (Over $7k). I've always thought G/L insurance would be considered overhead, so I'm trying to find out if this is a general practice or if he's charging me too much? My contract is not very detailed, but does not contain a provision for general liability insurance on a separate line. The materials estimate was given to me months following the contract. I should never have signed this contract, but that is beside the point.
Filing a claim after policy has been cancelled
I am selling my mother's home. After an inspection last May - it was found that the foundation has cracks in the mortar and needs repairs in the amount of $8000. The insurance company cancelled the policy in July since no one was living in the home. Is it possible to successfully file a claim now?
Not at fault auto accident. Liability of at fault driver's insurance company. I was involved in an auto accident. The other driver was at fault and they were insured with USAA. They called USAA at the scene.
USAA spoke to me and said they were assuming responsibility. USAA immediately paid for my vehicle. Several days after the accident, USAA's adjuster advised me to seek a medical evaluation for some neck/shoulder pain. The orthopedic surgeon determined I had a torn rotator cuff injury. USAA said they would only pay AFTER I had the surgery. I advised them I DID NOT have medical insurance and I forwarded an email from my surgeon's secretary, stating that without insurance, I would have to "prepay" for the surgery. USAA not only still refused, but never once suggested or offered to be "direct billed" by my surgeon, which is a common practice. I filed suit and we're awaiting trial. Couldn't I file a "bad faith" claim directly against USAA? They never did anything to mitigate my pain and suffering. This happened in March of 2013!
We had a kitchen fire and our insurance company was quick to write a check(which we did not cash) but we got three different contractor bids and the insurance company is $20,000.00 off from there estimates. They are refusing to give any more.
Your option is to try and make an argument of why you need the additional amount or to hire someone to represent you in that argument. A public insunrace adjuser can assist you in that process. It will be necessary to thoroughly review the estimate from the insurer and measure that against the actual repair costs. I hope this helps you.
Lowering line item values
My insurance company sent a approved contractor to my home and the approved contractor wrote a good estimate which the insurance company approved and paid. This company then sent the sub to do the work with the estimate. He left it one day and when I looked at it all the line items are in it but with much lower prices. I am afraid he will not buy what I need and when I questioned the material that he is putting in may be a lower quality. Is this a legal practice. The O/P was also missing from his est and the line items are about 20 % less
depreciation/valuation of personal property from fire loss
It appears depreciation for toys is 50% per year? We had a house fire and our kids' toys that we submitted were depreciated at a flat rate of 50%. We have five children so as you can imagine the number of toys that were lost. Shouldn't that 50% be prorated on toys that are less than a year old?? Nearly all of our kids' toys were less than a year old, most being 6 months old or less and a large portion of those 3 months or less. We had a very small home so there wasn't room for things to be kept, they had to be cycled out. Also, the fire was only 3 months after Christmas so although they were 3 months old, some toys still hadn't been played with. Considering the condition of most of their toys, 50% depreciation rate in this situation seems quite excessive and unfair. I also wonder, I requested reconsideration/re-evaluation on those items. Do they have to comply with my request?
Illinois rental dwelling policy
I have two questions. First, I'm wondering what exactly business liability covers, that is an extension to a rental dwelling policy through State Farm in Illinois? Second, My Policy says Inflation coverage index: 246.4, and Not sure what this means Either? Thanks , greatly appreciated, ChrisMars

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