What kinds of things should I incude in my NJ homeowner's insurance policy?
I live in New Jersey, purchased my first home. Home is NOT in a flood zone, but I want to be protected from theft, fire, anything that might happen that would prevent me from living in it. I want contents covered to the max, and I want loss of use to the max. I want to make sure I have every possible protection, due to what I've seen after Superstorm Sandy.
Water damage to Home.
What is the hourly rate the insurance company will reimburse for clean up done by home owner?
why do contractors always ask "what is the amount of money your insurance is going to give you before wanting to give you a quote? should we tell anyone how much coverage we have? is it recommended to let contractor speak with our adjuster?
Outdoor hot tub contents or structure
Recently I had a fire at my home in NY state that completely destroyed the home. I had an outdoor hot tub. I have an elevated deck (9 feet) and cut a hole in the deck to fit the tub. I then built a structure to withstand the weight of the hot tub filled with water. The deck and hot tub were totally destroyed by the fire. My question is; is the Hottub considered part of the damaged structure or contents? Thank you.
cleaning of items
in NJ, can cleaning of items salvaged from a bad fire be considered ALE? My public adjuster says no, but our relationship has become difficult and it is always possible that he doesn't want to argue it with the insurance co because it would take away from his percentage of the contents loss. help...
My car insurance claim
I was a victim of a robbery 1 month ago . I haven't received any update from my adjuster . And the rental car I have is due for return today June 2 because the 30 days is up. What can I do to find out how long more it's taking and why . Should I contact the adjuster or should I wait . Is my adjuster doing the right thing by not contacting me or she suppose to give me a notice .. Please help
One year deadline after fire loss is approaching - Can't get everything done in time
My parents' home was destroyed by fire. I lived with them along with my 3 children. We turned in an inventory list of 3000 items. The list was so hard to compile that we didn't get it turned in until 6 months after the fire. We received a check for the ACV from Country Financial. Our one year deadline will be May 19, 2015. Matching receipts has been a much harder job than expected, and I'm worried we can't make the deadline. My parents are aged 79 and 85. I'm realizing that they are not willing or able to finish their part of the list. They don't seem to understand how the process works and what they're entitled to. I'm taking 2 weeks of unpaid leave from my job to try to finish, but still not sure I can get it all done. Is it too late to ask for them to waive the contents itemization requirement? We're overwhelmed and worried.
Wanting to negotiate after receiving the "undisputed" payment
In the next week, we are expecting to receive an estimate for rebuilding our home which was lost in a fire in February. Our State Farm adjuster is completing this estimate and is telling us that it will be no problem to receive additional compensation after this initial payment if it turns out that it costs more to rebuild. We are planning to build a different (smaller) house so we are worried that it will be very difficult to get State Farm to provide any further compensation. We know that we should take the State Farm estimate and have a contractor or consultant give us an estimate but our adjuster is saying that we should just wait until we are rebuilding and if things turn out to be more expensive than estimated, we can come back to State Farm for more money. Really??? Could you explain this part of the process? Do we have any leverage during the meeting with the adjuster?
Home owners policy
We had a claim for hail damage - new roof and siding. My husband was a contractor so he did the work. I told the insurance company this from the beginning and asked for instructions on how to handle things. They told me to log our hours, keep receipts and send an invoice when we're done. I followed the instructions and now they're saying I was told the wrong thing and the price from their estimate is all they'll pay. I had an estimate from the contractor we would have hired if my husband didn't have time and it was about $6000 more. I'm not sure what to do now.
I have ALE and the insurance company wants me to pay $631.00 and I only been in the hotel for one week. Do I have to pay the ALE this soon? I know I have to pay something, but wow. I am consulting with you, because this disaster has changed my life.
Settlement process on government move claim
Hello, We were moved by the government back to our home of record recently and are in the midst of settling with them on several items damaged in the move. One item is a significant cultural artifact made by a well-known artist from our state. Thus piece has been broken in two and in our culture, repair to this item is impossible as it breaks the spirit and thusly, the value of the piece. We are being told that because a High Value Inventory form was not completed (it was never offered), the maximum they can give us is $1500. When I questioned them that electronics and other items cost more than that, they came back with this form issue. We contracted a museum archivist to provide historical and cultural expertise on this item and she says in her "assessment of value" that these items are irreparable and the value to be between 20-35K. They want to settle for 4K which I wrote in form.
Home inventory after water damage
I am ready to fill out an inventory loss form from my insurance company in regard to inventory contents that was damaged by water leaking onto the contents due to a bathroom plumbing/toilet malfunction. Cannot describe/see eveything as very water damaged. Do I need to describe each item accurately if it is so water damaged that I cannot identify some items and can the ins. co. give me one lump some instead of itemizing each item, especially those almost beyond listing due to the water damage? Also, ins. adjuster did mention that ins. co. may forgo some of my deductible i must pay if some of the parts replaced by the plumber such a flange could be defective. How can I prove they are defective? I did save the old parts that were replaced.
tree removal large loss fire AAA insurer
We had 8 scorched trees on the property (dead or dying). AAA gave us 500 per tree the total of 4000. We had the trees taken down. The cost was 4800 and we paid additionally. The trees are going to be hauled away by someone who wants the trees. The roots are still there near the previous foundation. We got an estimate of 2000 for the excavator to remove the roots. We asked AAA if this could be provided to us because the work is related to prepping the property for building. You cannot have a root next to the foundation. We feel it is work necessary before you put in foundation. This is an excellent price for excavator to out the roots. Many of the roots are 3 feet in diameter. What is AAA responsibility. They are saying it is restoring the land and they are not responsible. THank you
Loss of Use for vacation second home
We are covered in the declaration page for 76,000 for vacation loss of use. Our home that burned down is a second home meaning we go there for vacation time. I estimate 71 times a year. Down the street there is a bed & breakfast charging 185-205 not including taxes. The insurance company lets us use vacation loss use on an incurred basis. I have asked for lump sum. I do not know how to figure 71 times per year to come up with a fair figure. What if it takes us longer then a year to settle the claim. I want to be fair in my proposal. They are reviewing my offer of 16,000 which is low compared to 75,000 but their response is way too low like 4000. I do not know what to counter.
recorded telephone statement/ interview
hello. my policy with fireman's has a clause requiring me to submit to an EUO but nothing about a recorded phone interview [with an sui investigator] they want me to have. despite the clear language in the contract, a supervisor said 'a recorded statement is included in the requirement to have an EUO'. the strange thing is that they have paid about 75% of the claim already and there is less than $9000 of the claim left. my adjuster left the company 3 weeks ago and no adjuster contacted me. instead, the siu investigator keeps insisting on a recorded phone conversation. i have reached out to a supervisor but , as written above, he too keeps insisting on a recorded statement. they have not sent me a written proof of loss form . my sixth sense tells me something is wrong but i have been dead straight with them . i am uncomfortable---can i decline to do so?
demolition and debris removal
I have an additional 10% written into my homeowner's insurance policy for debris removal and an additional 10% of policy limits for demolition of my home. The adjuster is telling me that they can only include it in my settlement offer if I exceed my policy limits. I am also told that the code upgrades can only be included once the city has inspected the property. My house was built in 1926, the fire occurred Aug 29, 14. I have a public adjuster and I am not sure if the information he is giving me is correct. I have 100 Replacement cost policy with and additional 50% for coverage Dwelling, Content and ALE. I am also told by my adjuster (the one that works for me) that they can not replaced the plaster in my home with plaster but they have to use blue board. I do understand that my policy is a replacement cost policy with "like kind and like quantity. Help I am my wits end
Do I have to use the contractor that provided the repair estimate to my insurance company?
We had some water damage from a toilet that over-flowed. It made it to our living room and buckled our wood floors. We hired a restoration company to do the demo and dry-out. My agreement with them was for the demo and dry-out only (but they wanted me to sign a contract for them to do the restoration as well, which I did not sign). They then came back and provided an estimate for the restoration. They have been very aggressive at inserting themselves into the process. Specifically they came back when the adjuster was on-site. They also submitted their demo/dry-out bill directly to the desk adjuster. Am I required to use this contractor for the repairs? Do I need to tell the insurance company what contractor I'm using before they pay me? Will it change the amount they pay me if I do choose to use someone else? If I can repair for a cheaper price can I keep the difference?
Recoverable depreciation vs. non recoverable depreciation
My policy states in "special conditions" the words: actual cash value, however, when the list of work to be done was submitted to my Hail restoration company there was no indication of such, so the roofer bid the job thinking that depreciation would be released at time of completion. The adjuster informed me that depreciation would be released, however the underwriter, after a period of 5 months finally answered his phone indicating that no depreciation in the amount of 2000.00 was to be released, and after 2 months of waiting for a skylight supplement finally sent that out, but for 6 weeks did not return any calls regarding the skylights. i need help with this... what do i do?
Can we ask our insurance company for a different adjuster? Current one wants to go straight to EUO
We have been working with this adjuster on our personal property loss claim. She told us directly that because she suspected the lost property might be for business she wanted to go straight to EUO. We tried in vain to persuade her to do a recorded statement with us (and we will be willing to provide all docs including tax return) before she decides if EUO is needed. We don't want to do EUO without an attorney but it makes no sense to spend on attorney fees for a small case like ours. We do not plan on lying about or hiding anything but it feels like we are treated as cheaters and by going straight to EUO, the adjuster was forcing us to walk away. Any advice how to proceed? I will try to talk to the adjuster's manager tomorrow but if again our request is declined, can we ask our insurance company for a different adjuster?
Long term care insurance AIG is the company
Is there anything that can be done when your policy premiums are too high for you to continue paying but you have invested 15 years in the policy? Class actions? Partial premiums returned? Any suggestions at all. Thanks
homeowners insurance cancellation from State Farm Insurance
HELP!! I own a townehome and a next door neighbor had a flooding issue the end of Sep. 30th I had to file a claim, about 6 weeks later my neighbor on the other side also had a flooding issue caused by contractors restoring his home. I had to file claim #2. I just got a non renewable letter from State Farm because I am uninsurable. I have been the victim since day one and now I am being further victimized by the insurance company. I should also add that the payment they gave me to restore my home is way below contractors estimates. I am physically and mentally worn out and in distress because I am a victim and being treated like I purposely caused the flooding and damage. I need advice as to my legal rights, can I sue them and how to proceed to get them to reverse their decision because if this stands nobody will want to insure me. Thanks
A car hit our home. Do we pursue a claim with our homeowners insurance, or the driver's insurance? They accept full liability.
The teenage driver was speeding and instead of hitting the break when he lost control, hit the gas. He destroyed landscaping, a fence post, and crashed into our entry way, damaging the porch rail, two walls, a window, and double front doors. I have been trying to work through our homeowner's policy with State Farm, but the service has been awful, and their adjuster's replacement cost value is $15,000 lower than our contractor's estimate. I then switched to working with AllState, but they want us to accept whatever estimate American Technologies, a restoration contractor with mixed online reviews gives, and once they come up with an amount, there is no recourse. There is a chance of structural damage, so it concerns me that we couldn't come back to them with additional cost. Anyone have any advice for how I should proceed?
insurer error in contents coverage limit
Contents adjuster did a quick claim and payment, saying I was grossly underinsured and it was clearly a maxed-out claim. I was not asked to itemize. I later found she had erred in my coverage limit by $30K+. She verified that her data was wrong, my declarations page was correct, and said via email that she would adjust the claim and send me a check for the remainder. When I followed up about payment a few weeks later, she said that she couldn't adjust the claim and I would have to itemize to get the $30K+ ... even though it is 4 months after my loss! She then increased the payment to the debris removal company (up to an additional 5% when a claim is maxed out) as if I had been paid my full $100K in coverage (which would seem to indicate the validity of a $100K claim). Can I be forced to itemize to get a payout for the remaining coverage? How should I proceed? THANKS!
Insurance estimate is quite low
Insurance is constantly paying less and no contractor is willing to do the job. I need some names of General Contractor who can write up an estimate, negotiate with the insurance and will not be adulterated by insurance undercut the scope of the Job to meet their profit.
non renewal following a claim
Dwelling destroyed. Still settling. Policy term ending. Do not wish to remain with the company for insurance on a replacement dwelling.

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